Covered California offers multiple health insurance plans that cover essential health benefits  listed within the Affordable Care Act, and children have eye coverage included in any Covered California health plan. However vision coverage for adults is different and you will need to sign up for a separate plan.

Covered California Vision Insurance

Covered California vision coverage plans are not available on the Covered California marketplace. You will need to sign up directly with one of the two eye insurance providers connected to Covered California: EyeMed or VSP. You’ll find very affordable options with either provider, thanks to their contract with Covered California.

Because you will apply to the eye insurance provider directly, they will be the one to determine your eligibility and process your enrollment. You can enroll year round, so you don’t have to worry about deadlines.

Free Resource: Certified Enrollment Counselors

If you want help selecting a plan and avoiding pitfalls, you can get free advice from a Certified Enrollment Counselor with United Way. You can get direct contact information for a Counselor here.

Covered California Vision Insurance Options 

The vision insurance providers that are contracted with Covered California — VSP and EyeMed — are two of the largest providers of vision benefits in the country. Both offer savings on prescription glasses and contacts as well as coverage for routine eye exams and discounts on corrective eye surgery, such as LASIK. The primary differences between the plans are the retailers they work with and their prices. It is wise to look up both EyeMed and VSP and do a direct comparison based on your preferences and vision care needs.

As you explore the options, note that VSP and EyeMed vision benefits plans depend on where you live and whether or not you are obtaining coverage as an individual or through an employer. You can get a quote directly from either company for the most current and specific details.

What is EyeMed?

EyeMed has an expansive network of independent eye care professionals including LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, Sears Optical and JCPenney Optical, as well as online options like and EyeMed starts at $5 a month for an individual plan and offers a family plan. There are three tiers: EyeMed Healthy, EyeMed Bold and EyeMed bright for families.

EyeMed Healthy
Starts at $5 per month

EyeMed Bold
Starts at $17.50 per month

EyeMed Bright (Family)
Starts at $30 per month

You can learn more and get started on EyeMed’s website. You can also look at the full list of EyeMed benefits here.

What is VSP Vision Care?

VSP has the largest national network of independent doctors and participating retail chains including Costco Optical, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Visionworks, EyeCare Centers and MyEyeDr. VSP plans start a little higher at $13 per month. There are two tiers: Standard and Easy Options.

Starts at $13 per month

Starts at $18 per month

You can learn more and get started on VSP’s website. You can look at the full list of VSP benefits here.

If you want to learn more about the Covered California program you can find more info here.